Zero Gravity recliners are becoming more and more popular due to a number of benefits people can get when sit in it. If this is your first time hearing this product, you may wonder what makes this product become so popular and special. When you see the product for the first time, you may think that this is just a regular chair or a comfortable chair. This is not entirely true, this product is not just a regular chair often found in your local furniture store. Suppose you want to know more, you have come to the right place, introducing a powerful, comfortable chair that works more than just a regular chair, Zero Gravity recliners.

What is Zero Gravity Recliner?

There are some reasons why Zero gravity recliners are considered to be special compared to the rest. What makes them become so special is due to some advanced technologies included. The technology is actually designed by NASA scientists but it is now implemented and made available for public.

This product, as described earlier, is not a normal chair. The product is specifically designed to recline and tilt at a certain angle so that the lower feet and legs are raised above the level of our heart. Getting this body posture,it gives some benefits such as increasing blood flow around our body and at the same time decreasing our blood pressure.

With numerous models which can be found on the market, it gives you greater flexibility when choosing which model of recliner that you want to purchase. For example, you can find a model that comes with the angle and tilting functions powered by an electric motor. Using this feature, it helps those with disabilities or some health issues such as chronic pain to get the right position by pressing the button.

This chair is fully adjustable and users can use it based on their own needs. When you purchase the product, you will notice that there are some features, which are not found in a regular chair. For example, you can find ones that come with a number of adjustment knobs, levers and lock thus you can access numerous settings. Thanks to these features, it makes the chair become so versatile unlike a regular chair.

Introducing Zero Gravity Technology

Aside from its versatility, there is also another feature or technology that makes zero gravity recliners become special and are priced higher compared to the rest. The use of an advanced technology named Zero Gravity technology lets users to sit in it for long periods without experiencing any health issues. When this technology was invented for the first time, the main purpose is to create a sense of weightlessness, comfort and support the human body. When users sit in it, the addition of this technology lets users to sit in a reclining position, allowing them to sit for long periods. The use of this technology lets your back muscles to rest. Now, since this technology is made available for public, people can reap all benefits from the product that uses this technology including a recliner chair.

The product has taken total advantage by positioning your body to the most natural body posture position. With this position, users can expect a number of  health benefits which can’t be found when they use a regular chair. Since our body receives much less pressure due to the distribution of forces all through our body, sitting in this chair for long hours is absolutely possible. You won’t feel exhausted when you sit in a recliner chair.

What Are Benefits You Can Expect When Using a Recliner Chair?

Now, if you are still not sure whether you should invest your money in purchasing this product, knowing more about its benefits will give you some ideas. Below are some advantages you can expect when using this product:

  • A Chair for Ultimate Relaxation in the Back and Neck
    When you sit in a recliner chair, the thigh and torso are positioned in the most excellent position. Your feet would be positioned at the level above your heart. This position leads into a neutral position where the gravitation force will be distributed through our body. Thanks to its unique design offered by a zero gravity chair, the design supports the most natural shape of our backbone combined with the lower and upper back, allowing our back and neck to be free from pain and muscle strain.
  • It Gives You Both Comfort and Luxury At Home
    Suppose you need a chair that is not only stylish in terms of design but also offers a number of benefits, a recliner chair is what you need. After doing lots of activities the whole day, you may want to find yourself in a relaxed position. Using a recliner, it is possible to get relaxed and get rid of stress. Many people would consider purchasing this product as a great investment.
  • It Is Also Very Useful for Pregnant Women and Children
    Do you know that a recliner chair can also give benefits for pregnant women and children? Yes, they can also reap benefits for using this chair. This chair is designed uniquely so that pregnant women can sit in during the nine months. Unlike a regular chair, sitting in it won’t harm their baby in the womb. Pregnant women can rest assured that their baby will be totally safe while they can relax their back. Children can also use it and expect the same benefit. Children can sit in it for long durations and maintain the most natural body position while watching TV or playing video games.
  • The Recliner Chair for Those Who Suffer from Immobility or Loss of Vision
    As people with disabilities get older, they have high risk of suffering from backaches. By using this chair, they don’t need to worry about the fear of getting such aches and pains. Since the chair is also designed so that there won’t be any extra stress on the bones, they don’t need to worry about falling.
  • It is Also a Great Choice for Those Who Suffer Arthritis
    Suffering from arthritis can be very frustrating, luckily, by sitting in a recliner, people who suffer from arthritis can expect maximum comfort. It allows them to sit for long hours at one position without experiencing any health issues.

Is This Chair Suitable for Everyone ?

While it is true that using a recliner can offer various health benefits such as reducing stress and helping you get relaxed, there is some information regarding the use of this chair that people must know before purchasing. Those who have had back surgery done are not allowed to sit in this chair. People with history of back surgery should consult with their physician first before they decide to purchase this product.

Other Features Offered

Since they are available in various models, sizes and colors, it is a good idea to do some research before purchasing one. Speaking about their features, a recliner chair comes with numerous features aside from the use of an advanced technology named Zero Gravity technology. For example, when you shop around in your local furniture store, you may end up finding ones that come with a memory foam cushioning. Another model may feature an adjustable headrest, a great addition which can add more comfort when you sit in it, allowing your body to get the maximum relaxation position.

What About the Price

It is obvious, since a recliner chair is not just a regular chair, you need to spend more money if you want to purchase it. Of course, with lots of benefits you can get, having this one is definitely worth the money. For a chair that comes with the Zero Gravity technology, you must realize that the chair features infinite positions, allowing you adjust the chair in various sitting positions based on your own needs. The use of Zero Gravity technology allows the backrest and footrest to be fully adjustable thus you can arrange them in numerous configurations. It means that you can elevate your legs, sit up and even lay flat, all of which can be done when you use this chair. Most modern recliner chairs come with a program, allowing you to set your favorite position and whenever you need it, simply switch the button thus you don’t need to rearrange the position manually.

With the amount of money that should be spent when purchasing this product, there is no doubt that you will get what you have paid for. Thanks to its technology, this recliner performs its job perfectly, helping those who want to get relaxed at home. They can be used in indoor or outdoor, simply find a model that fits with your needs. If you are concerned with your health and like to spend your time sitting in your chair, this recliner chair is made for you.

Imagine how helpful this product is when you work for long hours and you need intensive relaxation at home, there is no better choice than purchasing this product and have it available at your home. Lots of people have given their feedback after using this product. They claim that the product helps them get relaxed in a more comfortable way. No need to spend more money for taking a holiday, simply sit in this chair and you can get rid of stress at the convenient of your own home. Why would you spend more money if you know that there is a better solution?

Of course, in order to gain the maximum benefit of using this chair, several factors should be followed too.  You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid some bad habits. Since this product is available in a number of different models, sizes, materials and colors, you need to ask yourself which type that you need the most. If you prefer one that can be used as outdoor furniture then you need to fine one that is lightweight. Keep in mind that if you want to purchase one used in outdoor, make sure that you choose models that are weather resistant. This will ensure that the product will last for many years.

This product is very versatile as you can use it at home, in office or other areas that require the use of this chair. They can also serve as a trendy piece of furniture which can be used to enhance the look of your home. Thanks to its unique mechanism, it allows you to configure the best sitting position from fully reclining to sitting back, the possibilities are endless. Now, all you need to do is to shop around and find the best model that meets with your criteria. There are lots of choices available to choose from as you can choose one that comes with a remote control adjustment or ones that come with various colors to fit with your settings. You can also find another model that comes with foot stands. You can also go for static or swivel chairs, the choice is yours.

Overall, the recliner chair is without a doubt one of the best investments that you can make. It adds style at home, giving a wonderful look for your home, no matter what style  you have in your home. Each member of your family will be able to use it from children to adults. The key is to purchase the best model based on your personal requirement, taste and desire.

The Bottom Line – How to Find the Best Model

Since there are lots of models, brands and types, choosing the best one will be very time consuming, It is impossible to try all models or brands available on the market. Each model or brand also comes with different  features, some features may fit with your needs, others may don’t really suit with your requirements. This can be very confusing and if you have no idea where to start, my best advice is to read reviews. Reading reviews about recliner chairs will save you a lot of time. All you need to do is to compare from one model or brand to another choice and check what others have said about the product. If there are lots of positive reviews given, this means that the product is good enough and vice versa. Spend some time reading some reviews and check which model or brand that fits with your needs.